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'Jagtlust', the Kingma family's farm, is located in Hantumeruitburen (Friesland). This cattle farm belongs to the brothers Gerrit and Andries Kingma and Gerrit's daughters Gonnie and Eelkje. The farm has approximately 8.000 animals on 300 hectares. The land is mostly leased and surrounded by dikes.

Most of our cattle graze close to the Hantumeruitburen farm. We raise 'Belgium Blue' herds, also known as 'double muscled' cows.
The cows receive animal friendly treatment and graze outside on the sturdy clay fields. They are only fed healthy cattle feed, such as fresh grass, silage grass and grass pellets.
Healthy food for cows means a healthy meal for you. Andries tells us: "Using medication that can create resistance in both animals and humans is a big no-no." Thanks to his years of experience in cattle trading and as a farmer, Andries knows exactly what cow or calf is prime for slaughtering. The Kingmas know every animal's full history. This allows us to truly vouch for the meat on your plate direct from our very own farm.

Sheep and lambs
Almost 2,500 lambs are born in a five week period during the lambing season.
The lambing shed has space for around 1000 ewes. Moving the ewes to have their lambs causes stress, and can slow down the lambing process by days.
For this reason, expectant ewes remain with the Kingma flock until they have delivered their lambs. Immediately after giving birth the animals are removed from the flock, to prevent the lambs getting separated from their mothers. Lambs rejected by their mothers are housed in the farmyard shed, where we have a number of cows. The lambs feed straight from the cows, which saves a lot of work with bottles and teat buckets.

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