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Monks package

Turn your stay at Aduard into a medieval day out. Visit the Sint Bernardushof monastery museum and the small Harkema church, followed by dinner in our hotel. The Monks package includes the following:
  • A guided tour of the Harkema church. Coffee or tea (2x) and apple pie after the tour.
  • A guided tour of the Bernardushof monastery museum in Aduard (short tour). There is an extended guided tour available for an additional € 2.50 pp.
  • The Monk’s menu in our restaurant. Have a look here for our historic menu.

This is € 29 pp (group package).

An interesting excursion is to walk the footprint of the former monastery grounds. You can do this by following the 3D app. A fascinating walk has been laid out along the plan of the former monastery, which features seven artworks. If you point your smartphone or tablet at these, you will see 3D images of what Aduard looked like during the Middle Ages. You can even enjoy a virtual walk throughout the monastery. The app uses exclusive technology never before seen in the Netherlands. The app can be downloaded for free via the app store on your mobile phone or tablet. A truly amazing experience!
If you would like to book this package, please contact our receptionist at +31 (0)50 4031400
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